168 Ellis Park Road

Location: Toronto, Ontario
Duration: 2002 - Present
Project Team: Isherwood Associates, HC Matcon

Project Details

Excavation into a hillside in the prominent area of Toronto known as High Park. The lot had remained vacant for many years due to inaccessibility because of the considerable incline of its slope. A two-tiered excavation was created utilizing shotcrete, soil nailing and micropiling to develop an otherwise unusable lot.


Three inclinometers were installed to monitor construction of the permanent soil nail wall as well as ensure the stability of the slope and surrounding structures. Long-term monitoring of the slope continues to this day.

Noteworthy Aspects

The construction of the permanent soil nail wall at 168 Ellis Park Road provided accessibility to a steep uneven grade to facilitate construction of a 4000 sq. ft. home into the hillside. Continued monitoring of the slope has helped ensure the stability of the slope, as well as protect the residence and its surroundings.