Pre and Post-construction Condition Surveys

Pre-construction condition surveys are a systematic, visual observation and documentation of properties adjacent to a construction site and are carried out before building construction begins.

The purpose of the survey is to create a baseline identifying all pre-existing defects of structures adjacent to construction activity, of which may foreseeably cause damage to properties. Condition survey reports help to mitigate risk in the event of a claim for damages. Within the City of Toronto, pre-condition surveys and vibration monitoring are a By-law requirement for building construction, By-law No. 514-2008

Properties that fall within the zone of influence are surveyed and recorded with digital photographs. Conditions and defects are documented with the general location, type and size of defect.

Once all construction activity has ceased, a post-construction condition survey is carried out to determine if any new defects have appeared or if there have been any changes to the pre-existing conditions or defects.