Total Station

Precision Survey Monitoring

Precision Survey Monitoring can provide information regarding movement of structures adjacent to the excavation. The effect of construction on adjacent buildings can be monitoring through reflective targets installed.

Pile Target Monitoring

Today, pile target monitoring has become one of the most widely used tell-tales for excavation monitoring. A reflective target is attached at the top of the solider prior to excavation.

Robotic Total Station Monitoring

Robotic Total Station Monitoring (RTSM) is a near real-time system used to monitor an array of different structures that may be subject to movement from changes in the surrounding environment. The system can be deployed to monitor a structure's performance, whether there are concerns about impacts from construction work in the vicinity, ground movements (settlement or heaving from tunneling) or protection of workers from potential failures. The RTSM provides highly accurate results of continuously monitored locations, which can help mitigate risk to the owner or constructor.